Gula Java Cacao bio, 390g

Gula Java Cacao bio, 390g


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✔ The perfect energy drink
✔ Suitable for diabetics
✔Rich in energy and antioxidants
✔ Orac 19154/100g

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Organic Gula Java Cocoa

Michael Phelps, the American swimming champion, did not take steroids or supplements while winning 8 medals at the Olympic Games; he drank chocolate milk. Various researchers confirm that recovery after heavy exercise is established faster by drinking a low-fat chocolate drink than by drinking a sports drink that is based on sugars only.

Researchers at James Madison University found that serum creatinine kinase levels (a sign of muscle damage) in bodies of soccer players were significantly lower after drinking a low-fat chocolate drink (such as Organic Gula Java Cacao Coconut Sugar) than after drinking a high-carbohydrate sports drink. Additionally, in 2006, the University of Indiana published their research stating that drinking low-fat chocolate milk (Gula Java Cocoa) helps cyclists recover faster after heavy exercise in comparison to a sports drink. Moreover, the female cyclist testees were able to cycle for a 50% longer period than when having consumed a high-carbohydrate sports drink. 

Additionally, the female cyclist testees were able to cycle for a 50% longer period than on a high-carbohydrate sports drink. Where is the difference?

So what makes Gula Java Cocoa so different?

The composition of several substances found in Gula Java Cocoa (low-fat chocolate milk) is apparently optimal. It supplies both high levels of carbohydrates and low but sufficient levels of protein during sports performances. The University of Virginia (Harrisonburg) established that adding proteins to high-carbohydrate sports drinks, helps to extend a person’s maximum exercise ability by 29% and by as much as 40% during heavy exertion.

Gula Java Cocoa (organic coconut sugar) contains low-fat cocoa as well as high-mineral (electrolytes) coconut blossom sugar including a cinnamon and vanilla booster; it is rich in carbohydrates and contains sufficient proteins that are easily absorbed. Its GI of only 35 ensures a well-balanced release of energy and its high antioxidant value (ORAC of 2200) protects athletes from oxidation stress during and after exercise.

It make Gula Java Cocoa (organic coconut sugar) your healthy performance drink or your ideal energy drink… It is both tasty and easy to drink.

What is Gula Java?

Gula Java is the coconut blossom sugar from Java. The sweet nectar from the coconut blossom is a cherished resource, harvested by tappers high in the coconut trees. In a kettle above a wooden fire, the nectar slowly turns into a delicious, unrefined rich sugar. Enjoyable ever moment of the day with a soft and sweet caramel flavor.

Gula Java can be used as a substitute for cabe or beet sugar, agave or maple syrup. Perfect for in tea or coffee, delicious on oven-warmed apples, baked bananas, pancakes, pies, waffles, pastries, cakes and other baked goods. Also perfect for cocktails (e.g. Mojito, Caipirinha, etc.) If you fancy, it can be used as the decorative sugar rim for your cocktail glass. 

Ideal to finish off dishes or to add to authenticity to Asian recipes. Can also be used as a snack for some extra energy. 

It is recognized as the most sustainable form of sugar by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). 

The health benefits of Gula Java

✔ Gula Java is unrefined natural sugar. As opposed to white sugar, which is refined beet root sugar, Gula Java is not stripped of its natural nutritious value. It is a great source of minerals, including chromium and inositol.
✔ Gula Java has a low glycemic index (GI) of 35. The degree to which carbohydrates (sugars) in food increase your blood sugar level is expressed as a GI value. Low GI food (less than 50) keeps your blood sugar level in balance, but high GI food (over 70) causes dramatic upward and downward fluctuations.
✔ Gula Java slowly gives off its energy - no sugar highs. Because of its low glycemic index, Gula Java gives you long-lasting energy. It slowly gives off its energy, preventing ups and downs in blood sugar level. No sugar highs and no mood swings. 

Amanprana’s coconut blossom sugar is Fair World

Amanprana's coconut blossom sugar, known as Gula Java, is organic and Fair World. Amanprana closely works together with Lestari Mandiri, Fairworld and Hivos for the production of its coconut blossoms. Lestari is an association which stands up for the rights of the small-scale farmers and their families in central Java.

Hivos is a humanitarian organization that stands for a fair, free and sustainable world. It also stands for equal chances for all people. In the province Kulon Progo, located in central Java, Amanprana also works closely with Fairworld, which ensures that the harvest and production of our coconut blossom sugar is organic and occurs with the fair trade principles. Both Fairworld and Hivos are members of the Organic Alliance; an alliance that strives for more organic produce in Indonesia. 

Together, Amanprana and these organizations try to provide 2,000 families with additional income and to protect their habitat. The coconut trees in their own gardens now yied their own harvest as well.


78.5% coconut blossom sugar(1,2), 20% low-fat cocoa powder(1,3), 1% vanilla(1,3), 0.5% cinnamon1, 390g, Bovis 9.500, -30 Yin, GI 30

Glycemic Index: The lower the GI, the more stable your sugar level. (to compare: refined sugar = 68, honey = 48, gula java cocoa = 30)

1 organic, 2 Fairworld, 3 Fairtrade


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Gula Java Cacao bio, 390g

Gula Java Cacao bio, 390g

✔ The perfect energy drink
✔ Suitable for diabetics
✔Rich in energy and antioxidants
✔ Orac 19154/100g

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