Adapto Botanico Mix, with adaptogen herbs

Adapto Botanico Mix, with adaptogen herbs


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✔ With adaptogenic herbs
✔ To restore optimum homeostasis

✔ Protects from radiation
✔ With sumac, packed with antioxidants

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Suffering from burn-out, stress, anxiety, depression or constant fatigue?

If you’re feeling exhausted and tense, or if you respond badly to stress, your body may well be out of equilibrium. Adapto Botanico mix can help you and can be used preventively to combat stress symptoms such as anxiety and fatigue. Over 70% of this Amanprana Botanico mix is made up of adaptogenic herbs.

Adapto Botanico-mix increases your adaptive capacity and helps to keep you in equilibrium. The adaptogenic herbs normalise over and under-activity and form a protective shield against radiation.

What is an adaptogen? 

An adaptogen is a powerful medicinal plant or herb that helps the body to adapt. This adaptability is important when you are faced with stress or other negative situations. Stress increases the free radicals in your body, which can lead to cell damage. Your body tries to deal with them, limit the damage and keep itself in balance (homeostasis). Adaptogens help to do this, fighting off the negative effects of free radicals and raising the adaptive capacity of your body.

In the Ayurveda tradition adaptogens are known as rasayanas.

A few adaptogenic herbs:

  • rhodiola (golden root) – a well-known phytomedicine in Sweden and Denmark that benefits the adrenal glands
  • schisandra – stops liver damage and stimulates liver functioning
  • buckthorn – used as an energy booster in traditional Chinese medicine
  • don quai (Chinese angelica) – one of the most popular herbs in traditional Chinese medicine for treating gynaecological complaints

(Source: Groot Handboek Geneeskrachtige Planten (The Big Book of Medicinal Plants) – Dr Geert Verhelst)

What are the 3 pillars of our Amanprana Botanico mixes? 


I don’t even have a medicine cabinet anymore. I only use herbs, because I believe that food is your medicine. – Chantal Voets, creator of the Botanico mixes

Amanprana aims to use its Botanico mixes to demonstrate that only Mother Nature is able to cure and bolster you. And, as Amanprana says, those cures are sometimes surprisingly close to home, with Chinese and Indian medicine having proved a long time ago how much good culinary herbs can do you.

While every Botanico mix has its own unique composition, there are 3 pillars that you can find in all of our Botanico mixes because they help the herbs to do their job:

  • sumac berry

Sumac is a red berry that is ground into a reddish-purple powder and added to dishes such as hummus, kebabs, fattoush and za’atar. Sumac is packed with vitamin C, has a sour flavour and has been a culinary and medicinal favourite in the Middle East for centuries. That’s because it has so many curative properties, which is most likely due to its exceptionally high ORAC value. The ORAC value – the oxygen radical absorbance capacity – measures the amount of antioxidants in a substance. Antioxidants neutralise the free radicals that can damage your body’s cells. The ORAC value of sumac is 312,000 units per 100 g. When compared to the much-loved blueberry, with an ORAC value of 4,669 units per 100 g, you can see how extraordinary the sumac berry is.

  • Seaweed

Each one of our herb mixes contains the 4 seaweeds of the unique 4-Algae seaweed mix –nori, sea lettuce, kombu and dulse. Because here at Amanprana we believe that our food is becoming increasingly deficient in minerals, we have looked for an alternative natural source of minerals and trace elements. These seaweeds are very high in minerals and constitute an indispensible part of all the Botanico herb mixes.

Don’t use less salt, use better salt,’ says Amanprana. Common salt is sodium chloride plus a whole range of chemicals to stop it from clumping and keeping it dry and white. But Khoisan fleur de sel is 100% natural, is subjected to a natural filtering process and contains sodium, potassium and numerous other elements that are crucial to maintaining your body’s moisture balance. A mere 5% of sea salt crystallises to become fleur de sel when exposed to unique weather conditions. 

We recommend that you use the Botanico mix as a preventative measure, and in order for it to be most effective it is best to consume one teaspoon a day. You can use this mix together with other Botanico mixes, and it matches perfectly with Curcumax. Curcumax is a blend of turmeric and sumac, the aspirin of Asia and the miracle berry of the Middle East respectively.



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Adapto Botanico Mix, with adaptogen herbs

Adapto Botanico Mix, with adaptogen herbs

✔ With adaptogenic herbs
✔ To restore optimum homeostasis

✔ Protects from radiation
✔ With sumac, packed with antioxidants

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