ORAC Botanico Mix, Mild, Organic


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✔ With lavender, marigold, cornflower
✔ Antioxidants 104.600/100g
✔ ORAC herbal mix + Khoisan fleur de sel, sumac, 4 seaweeds

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What is ORAC? The higher the ORAC, the more antioxidants can be found within.

ORAC is an easy acronym for a series of difficult terms. It stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. This refers to the amount of antioxidants in food. The higher the ORAC, the more antioxidants can be found within. Foods with a high ORAC value, or a high antioxidant value, combat nutritional deficiencies and degenerative diseases.

Nutritonal deficiencies, acidification and oxidants make us age.

With the ORAC Botanico Mix Amanprana offers you a natural remedy against ageing. Using an ORAC Botanico-mix will give you a radiant expression: if you nurse your bodies and mind to health, beautiful skin and visible results will soon follow.

In addition, you will have a stronger body to combat the many detrimental external influences that you are exposed to on a daily basis.

Amanprana’s ORAC Botanico-mixes are enriched with Khoisan fleur de sel, seaweeds & sumac

Herbs have a high ORAC value, which is why Amanprana’s ORAC mix – the basic herbal mixture in ORAC Botanico Mix Mild and ORAC Botanico Mix Spicy – consists of the 9 herbs with the highest ORAC value.

ORAC Botanico Mild & Spicy also contain the sumac berry (with the highest ORAC value of all fruit), Khoisan fleur de sel (a unique non-ground sea salt that supports an alkaline diet), as well as 4 mineral-rich seaweeds.

More than 80 kinds of minerals in this ORAC mix give your body a natural health boost

Our body, mind and skin need at least 31 minerals and trace-elements. Trace elements are minerals of which we need smaller quantities. Minerals are pacesetters of enzymatic processes in our body. They provide structural elements of connective tissues, bones, nails and our teeth. And they encourage communication between our billions of cells.

However, our bodies do no generate these minerals on their own and they cannot be derived from medicine. We can only obtain them by eating mineral-rich foods, such as herbs and seaweeds.

Additionally, due to our intensive agriculture and aquaculture, the food that makes it to our plates today, contains increasingly less minerals and trace elements.

An easy way to offer your body the minerals it needs, is by increasing your intake of herbs. As indicated before, herbs are the richest sources of minerals and trace elements on earth. The ORAC Botanic Mix Mild or Spicy offers you all the minerals you need and more.

What’s the difference between ORAC Botanico Mild and ORAC Botanico Spicy?

These ORAC mixes have a slightly different composition and consequently also differ in flavour.

ORAC Mild – with the purple label – contains less ORAC herbal mix, less seaweeds, moreKhoisan fleur de sel and a few other herbs, such as mustard seed, sweet pepper, coriander seed, lavender, marigold and cornflower.

ORAC Spicy – with the red label – contains more ORAC herbal mix, more seaweeds, less Khoisan fleur de sel, and hibiscus and chili.

ORAC value of ORAC Botanico Mix Mild: 104.600/100g

The tip of a knife = 1 g = 1046 ORAC
1 teaspoon = 5 g = 5230 ORAC

It is advisable to consume between 3500 and 5000 antioxidants / ORAC on a daily basis to neutralize the free radicals in your body.



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ORAC Botanico Mix, Mild, Organic

ORAC Botanico Mix, Mild, Organic

✔ With lavender, marigold, cornflower
✔ Antioxidants 104.600/100g
✔ ORAC herbal mix + Khoisan fleur de sel, sumac, 4 seaweeds

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