Khoisan fleur de sel, gift edition, 200g

Khoisan fleur de sel, gift edition, 200g


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✔ Raw, unprocessed
✔ Fairtrade & filtered naturally
✔ Natural source of minerals, electrolytes & trace elements
✔ Subtle, refined flavour

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Khoisan fleur de sel is sea salt with a unique crystal structure

Not all salts are the same and you can instantly recognise Khoisan fleur de sel by its crystal structure and snow-white colour. Khoisan fleur de sel has a subtle, harmonic flavour.

On South Africa’s west coast, where Khoisan fleur de sel is harvested, some 95% of the crystallising salt in salterns sinks to the bottom, which is then turned into sea salt. But when conditions are perfect – i.e. when the South African summer sun is at its hottest – then 5% of the salt crystallises on the surface of the water into beautiful ‘flowers of salt’ (fleur de sel). Before that layer of salt can sink to the bottom, these rare and valuable floating crystals are collected by hand, producing a mere 1 kg per 35 square meters.

Khoisan fleur de sel is Fairtrade certified

Khoisan Salt Trading is a small family-run company with a fulltime staff of around 13 people, all of whom receive a fair salary that is well above the South African minimum wage. During harvesting season the company takes on another 10 workers.

The company has a Fair Trade Fund, which pays for the tuition fees for the fulltime staff's children and covers educational programmes on interaction with other staff, health and safety.

Consequently, when you choose to use Amanprana Khoisan fleur de sel, you are not only choosing more vitality but you are also contributing to the improvement of the harvesters' life quality.

A few differences between Khoisan fleur de sel, Himalayan salt and Celtic salt

  • Origin

    Khoisan fleur de sel is harvested in Velddrif, a pure and beautiful South African fishermen's village, far from any industrial activity.

    As opposed to what its name leads you to believe, Himalayan salt comes from a Pakistinian salt mine, which annually produces approximately 350 million kg of salt. Celtic sea salt is unrefined sea salt from the Guérande region, harvested between the river mouths of the Loire and the Vilaine, near an aging and still-operational nuclear power plant.

    Khoisan fleur de sel is filtered naturally. On South Africa’s west coast, where Khoisan fleur de sel is harvested, the ocean waters are filtered through an underground 2,000 meter barrier of limestone, quartz and shell beds. This permeable layer of the earth (known as an aquifer) naturally filters the seawater, which is pumped up into shallow salt pans where it receives its life force, solar energy and regenerative properties.

    Himalayan salt has been underground for thousands of years, in the second-largest salt mine in the world, where the salt is acquired by use of explosives. Celtic sea salt is salt like sel gris and its grey colour comes from the clay beds into which it is pumped.

  • Energetic value

    Salt that's not exposed to sunlight and doesn't receive any solar energy, has a very low energetic value. Khoisan fleur de sel, on the other hand, has plenty of time to absorb solar energy, as the salt crystals are put out to dry in the sunlight as soon as they are harvested. As Khoisan fleur de sel receives solar energy in abundance, it has an energetic Bovis value between 16,600 and 24,700.

    Khoisan fleur de sel is raw and unprocessed salt. It 
    contains indispensible minerals, electrolytes and trace elements, which aid your metabolism and are essential for the balance that your body naturally desires – homeostasis.Table salt or processed sea salt is no more than pure sodium chloride, void of all natural minerals and trace elements.

    The power of Khoisan fleur de sel can be found in its deacidifying properties, its electric conduction that creates communication between your cells. The salt gives you vitality and good health.

  • Ingredients

    100% Khoisan fleur de sel


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Khoisan fleur de sel, gift edition, 200g

Khoisan fleur de sel, gift edition, 200g

✔ Raw, unprocessed
✔ Fairtrade & filtered naturally
✔ Natural source of minerals, electrolytes & trace elements
✔ Subtle, refined flavour

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