Coconut oil 325ml, extra virgin & organic

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✔ Fresher than fresh 
✔ For baking and frying
✔ As a bread spread 
✔ Ideal for body and hair
✔ Cold-pressed and unrefined *

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Why Buy Amanprana's Coconut Oil? 

✔ Coconut Oil improves your immune system & resistance against diseases (anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungals and anti-protozoic)
 Fights against ageing and reduces oxidative stress
✔ Improves the absoprtion of calcium
✔ Protects the stomach and gut
✔ Improves the intestinal flora
 Adds a delicious taste & flavour to your meals
✔ Combats 'hunger feelings'
✔ Protects the skin after sun exposure
✔ Ideal for body and hair

Coconut Oil: Bovis 12.000, 60 Yang, GI 0; Cocos: Bovis 13.700, 70 Yang, GI 0

How to Use Coconut Oil in the Kitchen

Coconut Oil fits in every dish that requires a fat or grease and many more! It is not only anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and easily digestible, but it is grease that won't make you gain weight. For breakfast you can spread it on a sandwich or piece of bread, mix into your yoghurt or breakfast cereals or stir it into your smoothie. You can also use it in the pan, for example, for you omlette. For lunch or dinner, you can use coconut oil in wok dishes, to prepare salad dressings and to fry your french fries. Moreover, you can use it in your deserts because coconut oil can be perfectly used as a replacement for butter or other oils.  Adding coconut oil to your diet will therefore, amongst others, add to less fat storage.

Amanprana Coconut Oil is Pure, Unrefined, Organic & Fair Trade!

Amanprana's extra virgin organic Coconut oil comes from Fair Trade coconut oil producers, who belong to Amanprana's own fair trade charter. Amanprana launched its own fair trade coconut project for even more durable, ethical and social products and work environments. 

It is a top quality Coconut Oil because of its unique preparation method. To create this extra virgin coconut oil the coconuts are peales almost immediately after harvest. They are then ground and placed in to dry in dryers at low temperatures for 24 hours. The dried grated coconut is then cold-pressed into the extra virgin coconut oil you see here. There is a maximum period of 48 hours between peeling and pressing. The result: unprocessed & unrefined! All of nature's intended health priorities are maintained within this coconut oil because of the lack of processsing it undergoes. Thus, Amanprana's Coconut Oil offers a fresher than fresh guarantee!

Oil Mixes with Coconut Oil from Amanprana - Do These Taste Like Coconut? 

The coconut taste is only present when the coconut oil is consumed cold. As soon as coconut oil is liquefied due to heat, the typical coconut taste dissapears and is replaced by a soft & unique taste. The Amanprana coconut oil mixes, such as the coconut oil with olive and red palm, have a rich olive oil taste combined with the soft taste of heated coconut oil.




Cette huile polyvalante sent très bon, s'utilise autant en cuisine que pour des soins de beauté. Perso je l'utilise aussi pour l'anti-transpiration de fabrication maison

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Coconut oil 325ml, extra virgin & organic

Coconut oil 325ml, extra virgin & organic

✔ Fresher than fresh 
✔ For baking and frying
✔ As a bread spread 
✔ Ideal for body and hair
✔ Cold-pressed and unrefined *

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