Oral & Auris, Organic Tooth & Ear Oil, 5 ml

Oral & Auris, Organic Tooth & Ear Oil, 5 ml


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✔ Fast painkiller
✔ For acute tooth & ear aches
✔ Treats root of inflammation
✔ With plant and herb extracts

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Label Organics
Origin Belgium

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Oral & Auris is a quick, natural painkiller that fights of the causes of ear and mouth infections and brings immediate relief. This ear & mouth oil is a natural treatment for common tooth and ear infections but can also be used to heal mouth ulcers, bleeding gums, or abscess.

It is a topical aesthetic, and easy to apply. May be applied both internally and externally

Oral & Auris:

✔ To treat acture tooth & ear aches
✔ An effective and fast painkiller
✔ Neutralizes irritations, pressure, swelling and itchiness
✔ Fights off causes of infections (bacteria, viruses, funghi)
✔ Treats sensitive gums, ulcers, abscessses, ear infections and other common ear & mouth problems

How does Oral & Auris treat and heal ear or mouth infections?

Oral & Auris is an oil mixture with plant and herb extracts. This natural painkiller is made of coconut oil, which is a natural antibiotic, and essential oils, such as essential sage oil, essential lemon oil, essential thyme oil, essential peppermint oil and others. These essential oils have been used by all of mankind for centuries to treat and heal all sorts of ear and mouth infections.


✔ An antioxidant that relieves pain.
✔ Reduces swelling.
✔ Heals wounds.
✔ Contains lots of eugenol which rids the body of toxins.


✔ Has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.
✔ Can kill pneumococci in 1 to 3 hours and staphylococcus in 5 minutes.
✔ Can be used as a deodorant, provides a fresh breath and disinfects inflammations.


✔ Helps to heal abscesses, gum infections, ear ache and strengthens the immune system.
✔ Often used in mouthwash to neutralize bad breath.


✔ Antimicrobial, antiviral, antiseptic.
✔ Relieves toothache and earache and refreshes the mouth.

Use Oral & Auris As a Preventative Measure

Use it before a flight. During a flight, bacteria can get into the middle ear due to the differences in pressure we experience. In order to prevent inflammation or infection, use Oral & Auris and don't give the bacteria any chance.

It is also ideal to use to treat pain from teeth coming through. Children often experience 'tooth pain' when their teeth are growing or coming through (May also apply to teens & adults whose wisdom teeth are coming through). It is advisable for parents to take Oral & Auris along when you have the impression that your child is suffering from ear ache or teeth coming through. The pain will be relieved immediately. 

Use Oral & Auris before a dental procedure. Apply a couple of days before the dental procedure to fight against pain and infections. Use it also afterwards in combination with the mouth oils from Amanprana for optimal care and healing support. 

We are often vulnerable to bacteria, funghi and viruses when swimming or near water. Therefore, it is advisable to use Oral & Auris before swimming or other water activities (e.g. Surfing, rowing, kite surfing, wake boarding, etc.)

Oral & Auris is stored in ultraviolet glass to protect the ingredients from external influences and to preserve and fortify their effectiveness.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The oil becomes liquid at at 24 °C. The jar doesn’t leak. To retain a solid shape, you can store Oral & Auris in the refrigerator.


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Oral & Auris, Organic Tooth & Ear Oil, 5 ml

Oral & Auris, Organic Tooth & Ear Oil, 5 ml

✔ Fast painkiller
✔ For acute tooth & ear aches
✔ Treats root of inflammation
✔ With plant and herb extracts

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