Shangri-La Eye Contour and Facial Serum, Organic

Shangri-La Eye Contour and Facial Serum, Organic


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✔ For radiant eyes 
✔ Anti-wrinkle
✔ Helps with pigmentation marks

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Label Organics
Origin Belgium

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Eye contour and facial serum with 0% chemicals

Ageing is caused by oxidations. Oxidation starts as a result of nutritional deficiencies, by oxidants and external attacks. Sun radation, smoking and chemicals (oxidants) all contribute to oxidation and slowly cause ageing. Moreover, stress and dehydration play a major role in the ageing process as well.

Of course there is a natural ageing process as well, that we cannot reverse and must simply embrance. Shanrgi-La-Eye contour and Facial serium for eternal youth, however, can help you slow the ageing process and give you that radiant look!

Wrinkles, grey skin, pigmentation and stains are consequences of ageing. Sagging skin around the eyes and cheecks also often occur. In this modern age, people can live up to 100 to 120 years. The way in which the skin ages is largely determined by your lifestyle and the way you look after your skin.

At Amanprana we live by the saying 'Do not put on your skin what you cannot eat'. It may sound strange, but it certainly makes sense. It has been proven many times that what is rubbed onto our skin is also absorbed. Certain ingredients can even penetrate so far that they enter the bloodstream and the lymphatic system.

This is why Shangri-La is a superior 'food'. It is a 100% organic, chemical free skin care product. Made from plant, fruit and herb oil extracts, it nourishes your skin and body. It cannot damage your skin nor body, but only support it. When the skin is healthy, it is able to recover and rejuvenate, becoming eternal.

A younger face and eye contours thanks to high ORAC values

Shangri-La has been specifically developed for the delicate eye contours. It is a serum with a small molecular structure of the ethereal oils. As such is deeply affects and fortifies all skin layers. Moreover, it activates blood circulation and the lymphatic skin, removing toxins and waste products more efficienlty. 

The Shangri-la serum connects and reinforces all elements of the skin structure. It smoothes facial features and leaves you with a glowing complexion. Visible signs of fatigue are erased and the skin is lifted. Shangri-La helps keep the skin elastic by providing it with healthy fatty acids. Shangri-la is super concentrated: it contains 100% active nutrients without one drop of water.

With its high concentration of ORAC units, which are antioxidants that counter ageing of the skin, Shangri-La promises you a younger skin. It helps repair the visible damage and nourishes your skin so that it doesn't age further. 

Nutritious Ingredients of Shangri-La

✔ 100% natural ingredients that care for your skin
✔ 100% organic, active ingredients & edible
✔ Helps with pigmentation marks
✔ 0% chemicals, no petrolium derivatives
✔ Not tested on animals
✔ Does not contain water (which dehydrates skin)

Shanrgi-La Benefits

✔ Free from preservatives and chemical fragances
✔ Easy to apply
✔ Quikcly absorbed by the skin, no greasy feeling
✔ Restores and softens facial skins
✔ Reduces Wrinkles
✔ Better skin blood flow
✔ Protects against oxidation (ageing)
✔ Tighter skin
✔ Cleanses impure skin



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Shangri-La Eye Contour and Facial Serum, Organic

Shangri-La Eye Contour and Facial Serum, Organic

✔ For radiant eyes 
✔ Anti-wrinkle
✔ Helps with pigmentation marks

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